You will find all relevant information for developers to integrate our technology. Aklamio is the biggest incentive marketing solutions provider in Europe and has 9+ years experience in this segment. Our software and service enables companies to add new high-performing customer acquisition channels with lower costs and higher customer lifetime values. You can connect to our APIs in order to send us all the relevant data needed to track and calculate a reward, validate and create new conversions or simply get statistics about your program.

Tracking JS

This JS library collects and validates all the relevant order data and sends them to the Aklamio tracking infrastructure. Depending on the conditions defined in our Reward Engine the reward will be calculated. The documentation will explain which parameters we would need from you in order to successfully create a reward. This will be relevant for any online promotion.

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Aklamio APIs

Go through our APIs reference documentations and how to get started with each one of them. You're covered with everything you need to know in order to integrate with Aklamio APIs.

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